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THREE-KNIFE SINGLE BLADE HORIZON mod. HT30 - Anno 2008 Contact us for an offer

Perfect Binder mod. HEIDELBERG EB1200


A good solution for both: high production and on demand works!



Improve your work with the best results with the minimal expense!

Perfect Binder Eurobind 445 PRO


Fastest professional one clamp perfect binder for 5000/6000 copies

Expert in the conversion of HotMelt perfect binder to PUR perfect binder

Perfect Binders – New and second hand

Thanks to more than 20 years’ experience in the field, we build and design our perfect binders with maximum accuracy and reliability.

We offer, additionally, a sales service of used equipment overhauled and tested by our qualified technicians to that customers who are looking for solutions with good value for money.

Technical Service and Spare Parts

Thanks to our expert technicians we are able to perform service works and repairs at our site and at the Customer’s plant all over Europe as well.

We take as promptly as possible care of your perfect binders with maximum efficiency to guarantee you the minimum possible machine breakdown.

Sale of Glues and Consumables

For our Customers we have carefully selected some of the best products of the market for improving the performance of the machineries.

Eurotecnica Service

Eurotecnica Service offers a wide range of services addressed to binding professionals wishing to use small/medium-size machines. Thank to our many years of experience we are able to deliver new and used Perfect Binders, qualified technical assistance, spare parts and consumables.

We are the first company in Italy to have developed a conversion system for Hot-Melt glue machines that can work with most of the equipment currently on the market!