Project Description

Professional One-Clamp Perfect Binder for single sheets and folded pages.

Fast format change ensures 5000/6000 copies

Eurotecnica Eurobind 445 PRO gives new standards to the professional one-clamp perfect binders.

L’idea di base dietro questo sviluppo era di offrire una brossuratrice professionale The idea was to develop a durable,

These are the features that Eurotecnica has focused on during the development of the Eurobind 445 PRO. Design and advanced technology provide a speed up to 500 cycles per hour.

The setting for format change are minimized to meet today’s market demand. All operations are executed through a control panel with copies-counter, timer for pre-heating the glue tank and closing of the press and programmable controls for start / stop hot glue in the spine of the book.

Super profession machine equipped by: pneumatic clamp, jogging, milling-notching, Hot Melt tank and disks for side gluing, chips paper/smokes removal, automatic cover-feeder with double integrated scoring lines, automatic adjustable press-covers.

Eurobind 445 PRO can bind a very large range of products with different kinds of paper. Available optionals are the staker, the connection of the external tube and the compressor. 

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