Project Description

Format change:  automatic
Set up time for book size change (after data input):  1 minute

Trimming accuracy  ± 0,5 mm

Simple and easy knife change
guided by a program at operation panel: yes
Automated height adjustment of knifes after change:  yes
In-feeding section incl. pile stacker: yes
Interchangeable full-size book press device for the side-cut:  yes
Mechanical speed: 900 cycles/h

Paper waste extractor system:  yes

Power requirements

Europe: 400 V 50 Hz 3 ph.+N+PE
Ampere (protection fuse): 16 A (fuse 20 A)
Power consumption 8.0 kW
USA: 220 V 60 Hz 3 ph.+PE
Ampere (protection fuse): 16 A (fuse 20 A)
Power consumption: 6.0 kW

Air supply requirements: 8 BAR, 13000 Normal litres/h, unlubricated
Machine dimensions: L 3130 mm x W 960 x H 1620 mm
Machine weight: 2200 kg
Compressor: optional
Exit book pile stacker: optional

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